live performances

“Wolf at Your Door” – Spur

Spur (Travis Duncan & Jerry Cordova) performs “Wolf at Your Door” live at the 2018 Electric Moonlight event at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

“I Shall Be Me” – Spur

Spur (Travis Duncan and Jerry Cordova) performs “I Shall Be Me” live at the 2018 Starlight Spectacular.

“Carrot Baron in the Daytime” – Spur

Spur performs “Carrot Baron in the Daytime” at the 2018 Roll Bike Art Festival at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort.

“Burn at Both Ends” – Spur

Spur performs “Burn at Both Ends” live at the PikeRider Party at the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center Velodrome on January 25, 2019.

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